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Managing vs. Leading: T’aint the same

People tend to think that managing and leading are interchangeable words meaning the same. They are not.

Managing is all about getting things done; leading is making sure teams are getting the right things done.  Exceptional agency leaders don’t just deliver great work. They rally their teams to develop new opportunities and improve the process.  Vision plays a part, but more so, the ability to translate high level thinking into simple actions…focusing on critical issues, identifying meaningful goals, and collaborating on a plan so everyone buys into exactly what’s required of them.

On May 4, join Jeff Hiller, JB Training Solutions as he provides inspiring answers that will lead to greater success for leaders and managers during this Filament webinar.

Jeff is Director of Training and lead developer for JB Training Solutions, a Chalant company featured by the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and CNN. Jeff started at Leo Burnett in Chicago and became their youngest VP Account Director ever, earning 7 American Marketing Association EFFIE Awards for superior results. He was later owner of a thriving retail chain, Marketing/Creative Director for the Houston Rockets, and VP Marketing for Four Hands Imports, a 3-time Inc 500 Fastest Growing company.

To learn more about this important topic and to register, go to



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