Ad Agency Consultancy Filament Unveils July Webinar Schedule

Consultants to the advertising agency industry, Filament Inc. have unveiled their July webinar schedule to include best in class speakers and practical topics that can be put to use immediately. Filament launched their successful webinar series in October, 2016 which have gained traction since the initial webinar.

July webinar leaders include former CEO and founder, Pat Doody, WONGDOODY and Steve Koskela who is a former CFO, TBWA Chiat Day. Filament is expected to add a creative marquis to its schedule for a September webinar on How To Evaluate Creative.

The July webinars:

July 13 –  Aligning Agency and Client Cultures

July 18 – Secrets to Creating a Motivational Work Environment

July 20 – Best Practices for Navigating Your Career and Running A Successful Agency with Pat Doody

July 25 — Keys to Developing An Agency Financial Health Self-Assessment

Each hour long webinar provides key takeaways and insights from best in class speakers. Given that time is a very valuable commodity in the business, these webinars serve as  terrific training sessions as many agencies use them as lunch and learns.

While we believe soft skills are important in the development of agency personnel, as stated above, Filament webinar topics are geared toward practical skills–skills that agency personnel can put to use immediately.

For a description of each webinar including webinars scheduled for July (and registration information), please go to www.filamentinc.com



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